Groups involve one or more therapists working with several individuals at the same time. Groups facilitate giving & receiving support & help you relate to others in a similar situation within a safe environment. The following Groups are now available:


Bhavna Bharvani

An 8 week closed group of 90 minute sessions for people who struggle with relating to others.

Interpersonal process groups provide a powerful opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we relate to other people in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

Through interactions with other group members and the facilitator, participants can gain greater insight into how and why they react the way they do in interpersonal situations. With this new awareness, members are invited to experiment with different ways of interacting with people and can learn to connect with others in a more authentic way.  More >


Dr. Sharmeen Shroff

A 6-month closed group for psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, trainees and qualified mental health professionals.

The power of process groups lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement & feedback from other individuals in a safe & confidential environment.

Process groups are typically unstructured. There isn’t a specific topic for each group session, but some of the groups may be focused on a particular theme. Members are welcome to bring any issues to the group that they feel are important, and the primary focus of therapy in the group is on the interactions among group members.  More >


Dr. Tess Browne

A 6-week closed group for mums who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burned out.

This is a therapeutic group programme for mums struggling to prioritize or manage their own self-care needs.
You will explore & learn evidence-based, practical & sustainable, self-care strategies for maximizing your psychological & physical wellbeing, whilst balancing competing professional and personal demands. More >


Dr. Natalie Loong

A 6-week closed group for those who struggle with sleep and would like an evidence-based clinical alternative to sleeping medication.

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? In this group, you will uncover habits that may be affecting your sleep, learn practical, evidence-based strategies to improve sleep and receive support in applying new skills into your life to achieve more restful and higher quality sleep. More >


Bhavna Bharvani & Dr. Hannah Sugarman

Whenever we get a new phone or travel to another country, we take the time to adjust the settings on our phone: we adjust the volume, the brightness, whether we want data on or off, whether we want our phone to vibrate on silent, and so on.

However, how often do we take the time to adjust the settings of our mind? Do we know what they are? More >

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*The content of all group sessions are confidential; members agree not to identify other members or their concerns outside of group.