Dr. Natalie Loong

A 6-week closed group for those who struggle with sleep and would like an evidence-based clinical alternative to sleeping medication.

Take a step towards better night’s sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?

In this group, you will uncover habits that may be affecting your sleep, learn practical, evidence-based strategies to improve sleep and receive support in applying new skills into your life to achieve more restful and higher quality sleep.

Sleep has a profound impact on our health and general well- being. Not only does it help us function throughout the day, it also affects our learning and memory, metabolism and weight, mood, immune function, cardiovascular health and more. Sleep is just too important to miss!

Those interested to join will first meet with Dr. Loong for a 60-minute individual screening and assessment session followed by a 15-minute phone consultation session to provide more information about the group, to ensure that the group is suitable for you, and in the case that the group is not suitable for you, to provide professional feedback and appropriate referrals.

Cost: HK$5,500 for 6 sessions 90% attendance mandatory


Dr. Natalie Loong is a California Licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experiences working with adults, adolescents & children from diverse cultural & socioeconomic backgrounds in a variety of mental health settings in the United States & Hong Kong. She is experienced in treating a broad range of clinical & non – clinical issues across the lifespan and has led insomnia and other clinical groups in the past.

Book your group session by using the form below, or call (852) 2813-6108

*The content of all group sessions are confidential; members agree not to identify other members or their concerns outside of group.