Bereavement Support Group 1

Bereavement Support Group

A group for people who have experienced a loss and are grieving.​

Facilitator: Jill Carroll

This group provides support for individuals who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Grief can be a lonely and isolating experience. No matter the loss that is causing your emotional pain, you can feel very much alone in how it impacts you. A bereavement support group can offer a different quality of support and connection that comes from being with people who have also recently experienced a loss.    

This group is a non-judgemental space for people to come together.  To support one another in their loss, and to be able to talk openly about their experience and the different aspects of grief.  This is a way to connect with others who are also grieving – it is a space to be heard and be supported by others.

What the group would entail?

This is an 8-week closed group, this means that once we begin as a group, no new members are able to join us, this is to allow group members to relate to one another and hear one another’s stories in a safe space.  At the first session members introduce themselves and it is your decision how much you wish to share, what everyone will be aware of is that each member has lost someone and are grieving.  There will be some sharing of different aspects of grief by the therapist as a way to help understand the process of grief and the different ways it can impact someone, cognitively, behaviourally, affectively and relationally.  Reminding members there is no right way to grieve.

From previous groups, people have shared that although initially unsure, they gained support from other members, realised that what they were experiencing was grief and they were not ‘losing their mind’.  They began to find ways to manage their grief in everyday life.

This group is a way to start to help you process and manage your grief.

At our last session we will spend time saying goodbye to one another, acknowledging that the ending of the group is as important as the beginning.

What the role of the psychotherapist is?

It is my role, as the therapist, to contain and manage the process of the group.  To ensure smooth, safe and effective group dynamics.  What this means is that at our first session we will create a group contract, this means how we want to be in the group and agree on the etiquette of the group, (e.g.: respect, confidentiality inside/outside the group, recognition).  In the first session I will share aspects of grief and how this can impact people in different ways, the purpose is to support you to understand what is happening as you grieve and to understand there is no ‘right’ way to grieve.

In managing the group process, I will manage the timings of the group, giving people time and opportunity to talk, to share their story (at their own pace), to facilitate people sharing and supporting one another during their grief.

Is this group for me?

This group is a support group for people that are grieving the death of someone.  If you find that you are struggling to talk about your grief with those around you yet want to know that what you are experiencing is a ‘normal’, ‘healthy’ aspect of the grief process then this group could meet your needs.  Withdrawal can be an aspect of grief, yet during these times, connection with others is what can support us to manage and deal with grief and loss.

A pre-screen call with the psychotherapist running the group will be carried out with all potential group members to check the group is the right place for you and whether you would need any different support.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask any further questions or seek clarification about the group.

The group would not be suitable for an individual experiencing psychosis, mania or traumatic grief related to death by suicide as additional support would be needed.


Jill Carroll - Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor

Specialising in Psychotherapy Grief + Repetitive Patters

Jill is a UK trained Psychotherapist who has run her own successful private practice in London and worked part-time as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist within an NHS service based in South West London. Jill works with individuals and couples a well as facilitating process groups for people struggling with grief and loss…

Jill Carroll - Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor
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Jill Carroll

MSc Psychotherapy, Middlesex University, UK

EMDR Practitioner, EMDR Association of Hong Kong

Certified Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy), The Berne, UK

PgDip British Sign Language/English Interpreting, University of Central Lancashire, UK

 B.A.(Hons) Deaf Studies and Psychology, University of Wolverhampton, UK

 Diploma in Relationship Counselling, Relate Institute, UK

Jill is a UK trained Psychotherapist who ran her own successful private practice in London and worked part-time as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist within an NHS service in London.  Jill is also qualified as an Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Practitioner. 

Jill is an empathic, warm, and compassionate Psychotherapist.  She works with clients to explore the underlying aspects of themselves that they may not be aware of, to understand how they see themselves, how they deal with others and see the world.  She helps clients to understand why they keep behaving or thinking in a particular way, or why certain things keep happening to them (for example repetitive patterns in relationships). Jill works with clients to understand the influence their past experiences in life can have upon them in the present day as she believes that when a client has awareness of this, they can move towards changing these patterns of behaviour.

Jill has experience working with clients with a range of presenting issues.  Her areas of expertise include working with traumatic events, both cumulative and single events, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, lack of confidence, struggling with decision making, grief, relationship issues, transitions.

As well as psychodynamic therapy, Jill integrates EMDR, Eye-Movement Desensitization Processing into her work with clients. 

“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders” (EMDRIA.ORG).  Jill is an approved therapist of the EMDR Association of Hong Kong.

Groups: Jill developed and independently ran process groups in the NHS for individuals who were struggling with bereavement and grief. Jill recognizes how isolating grief can be and the impact this has upon people and their relationships with others.

Jill is a native English speaker and can also work with clients who are Deaf and use British Sign Language.

Jill is a member of:

The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong

EMDR Association of Hong Kong

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

UK Association for Transactional Analysis

UK Council for Psychotherapy

Please note that Jill is currently not working with couples.