As an expat, how can you overcome COVID-disrupted relationships?

As an expat, how can you overcome COVID-disrupted relationships? 1

In the latest episode of Abroad With Care, the podcast that makes health for expat in Asia, Andrea MacDonald has interviewed the expert Jill Carroll, registered psychotherapist from Central Minds in Hong Kong. You will get insights and concrete tips to better manage long-distance as well as home relationships.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Free Covid-19 Mental Health Self Help Guide

In March 2020, the Covid-19 Mental Health Relief Committee (made up of therapists from Central Minds), partnered with Mind HK to launch the Covid-19 Mental Health Relief Scheme, offering short term pro-bono mental health support to individuals in need.

As the pandemic continues and mandatory quarantine requirements and restrictions are continuously changing, we have now created a self help guide for individuals to work through at their own pace.

The guide, developed by our clinicians in partnership with Mind HK, includes several self help tools and strategies to guide you in managing your mental health during the pandemic and whilst in quarantine.

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