Dr Hannah Sugarman

Don’t worry about it!

Most of us will be affected by worry at some point in our lives, which means that most of us have been on the receiving end of “don’t worry about it”. While this advice is well-meaning, most of the time, it does not seem to work. We may wonder why this is: We know that

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Dr Natalie Loong

Relationship Abuse: When “Love” Isn’t Loving

Relationship abuse, also known as intimate partner violence, refers to a pattern of behaviors used over a period of time, to exert power and control over a partner, within an intimate relationship (National Domestic Violence Hotline, n.d.). Relationship abuse can take on many shapes or forms and does not necessarily involve physical violence.

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Dr. Michele A. Bland

The Many faces of Grief

Grief. It often catches us off guard and in many cases we only really think about it when we experience it. We can grieve the loss of a loved one through death, we can grieve when we adapt to a loss or an extreme change that has been a meaningful part of our life. We can grieve the loss of employment, the loss of opportunity, the loss of a marriage through divorce, the loss of friends through moving or conflict, and the list goes on.

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Dr. Kaili Chen

Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

Technology has and will continue to change the way that we communicate with one another. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2016 to understand the correlation between technology use, stress, and health, 74 percent of respondents endorsed owning a smartphone while 55 percent owned a tablet. With the emergence of social

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Dr. Sheri McCurdy

“Why can’t I sleep?!”

The latest Population Health Survey in Hong Kong found that almost 50% of those surveyed had experienced some form of insomnia in the last 30 days. This could mean losing sleep because of difficulty falling asleep or waking intermittently in the night. It could also take the form of waking in the early morning and

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Lora Lee

Co-parenting with a difficult parent?

Every family faces its own challenges; however, many high conflict divorces share the same dilemmas and woes. One that I frequently see, is “gatekeeping behaviour”.  Gatekeeping is when one parent displaying traits of a high conflict personality e.g. constant criticisms, arrogant statements, preoccupation with themselves, disparaging remarks about their ex-partner’s parenting or demands for admiration

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