Jill Carroll

“Recognition and Acknowledgement are often the missing elements in people’s interactions with each other” (Gilbert & Shmukler, 1996).

Globally we are experiencing challenging times, people may feel invisible as they remain isolated, discriminated against, separated from loved ones, restrictions placed upon them.

I want to share something with you that may seem simple in concept yet has a profound impact on our wellbeing and others. What I would like to share is a Transactional Analysis concept called the Stroke Economy, developed by the Psychotherapist Claude Steiner.

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Malin Rigneus

How to increase your self-esteem

Are you concerned about others’ opinions of you? Do you refrain from standing in the spotlight at work or avoid expressing your beliefs? Perhaps you engage in people pleasing? As a result, these actions might lead you to achieve less than what you are capable off. Self-esteem is sometimes referred to as self-worth or self-respect.

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Lora Lee

Strengthening Family Bonds Under Lock Down

Due to the current pandemic, many families are experiencing significant disruptions in their daily lives which is causing an increase in feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion. There is a lot of uncertainty as to when schools will finally resume and when it is safe for children to begin re-engaging in the world.  Whilst our

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Dr. Tess Browne

Psychological Gardening

Imagine your life as a garden. All your negative and unhelpful emotions, thoughts, thinking and behavioural patterns are the weeds. Your more adaptive, healthy perspectives, emotional reactions and behaviours are the flowers. No garden is ever free of weeds. Psychological therapy can help you dig up the weeds and nurture your flowers into full bloom.

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Dr. Sharmeen Shroff

Why we hate uncertainty and what we can do about it?

The last few months have proven to be extremely challenging for Hong Kong; first with the political protests and now with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  We are living in unpredictable times, politically, economically and more recently with our physical health concerns.   As a rule, humans prefer certainty to uncertainty. Our ability to understand,

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Bhavna Bharvani

How to mend a broken heart?

If you’re reading this and you’re heartbroken right now, I am so, so sorry. Heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences we can have as human beings. Having to say goodbye to the person you were deeply in love with is excruciating and can completely upend your world. Some psychologists have compared getting over

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