Dr. Kaili Chen

Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

Technology has and will continue to change the way that we communicate with one another. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2016 to understand the correlation between technology use, stress, and health, 74 percent of respondents endorsed owning a smartphone while 55 percent owned a tablet. With the emergence of social

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Dr. Sheri McCurdy

“Why can’t I sleep?!”

The latest Population Health Survey in Hong Kong found that almost 50% of those surveyed had experienced some form of insomnia in the last 30 days. This could mean losing sleep because of difficulty falling asleep or waking intermittently in the night. It could also take the form of waking in the early morning and

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Lora Lee

Co-parenting with a difficult parent?

Every family faces its own challenges; however, many high conflict divorces share the same dilemmas and woes. One that I frequently see, is “gatekeeping behaviour”.  Gatekeeping is when one parent displaying traits of a high conflict personality e.g. constant criticisms, arrogant statements, preoccupation with themselves, disparaging remarks about their ex-partner’s parenting or demands for admiration

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Dr. Tess Browne

Coping After Trauma

The impact of trauma can be complex and hard to make sense of. Although everyone’s experience will be different, there are some common changes in mood, thinking and behaviour. Survivors of trauma often experience higher levels of anxiety, irritability, anger and low mood. Negative or critical thoughts about themselves or the world in general are

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Bhavna Bharvani

Codependency in Relationships

  In loving relationships, it is natural to put another’s needs first. Because of this, it can be difficult to tell when putting someone else’s needs first meets the threshold of codependency. As a result, codependency often and unfortunately goes under-recognized as a relationship problem. This is an issue, and more information needs to be

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Lori Chau

One Small Change to Make Your Relationship Stronger

It’s that time of year again where some of us are busy writing our New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us have included, as a priority, on our lists to work on ‘strengthening our relationship’ with our partner or spouse? If you haven’t done so, let’s include one small change in the way we

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