Age Appropriate Internet Use Family Agreement

Internet Use

The goal is to incorporate technology into our lives in a meaningful way as a tool for education and work, that allows us to have a healthy balance of online and off-line time.

Kids and Teens

  • I will never give out personal information online or by text and will avoid all chat rooms except ones my mom and dad have looked at and approved.
  • I understand my parents have a right to check into my media history on my computer and phone and other devices such as iPod Touch, games, and whatever else I use regularly. I will try and keep my total screen time to 2 hours a day except when doing a project for school, or when my parents give me permission.
  • I will not watch shows or play games that are inappropriate for me or for friends and family watching or playing with me.


  • I will check what my kids are doing online and on their phones, consider using parent controls, and use them judiciously.
  • I will let my kids know before I check their computers or enable parent controls on their computers or gaming units.
  • I will take the time to be interested in what my kids are doing online and in the digital world and talk to them about that world.
  • I will help them make good media choices.
  • If my child makes a mistake, I will ask questions and learn what happened before I punish or take away technology.
  • I will only take away technology as a last resort for defying our family agreement when other consequences have failed to work, such as reinforcing the rules and increase off-line chores.

Entire Family

  • We will talk as a family at a meal a day without internet technology present.
  • We will agree to technology-free times such as meals, weekends, and vacations.
  • We won’t sacrifice important family time for media or digital use of any kind. If media gets in the way, we need to recognize we are using it too much or in a way that is not helping our family.
  • We agree to use technology responsibly by using it as a tool for education and work and not engage in the following activities:

• Texting or talking on a mobile phone while driving
• Using mobile phones in a public location where it may annoy others
• Using technology to harm others by engaging in bullying or slanderous actions
• Listening to music with earbuds in a manner that prevents us from hearing passing cars or pedestrians, and never while in the car as the driver.
• Work beyond 8:30 pm on the computer.

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