Dr. Sharmeen Shroff

Dr. Sharmeen Shroff - Clinical Psychologist

Specialising in Psychodynamic Depth Therapy & Repetitive Patterns

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco

M.A. Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco

MSc. (Hons) Psychoanalytic Development Psychology from University College London in conjunction with the Anna Freud Center, United Kingdom

BSc. (Hons) Psychology from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

With over 14 years of experience, Dr Shroff has worked in community mental health centres,  private psychology clinics, medical clinics and both outpatient and inpatient units in hospitals in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the USA.  She is one of the few clinical psychologists in Hong Kong that have been intensively trained to practice psychotherapy from a psychodynamic depth perspective.

She works to enhance her client’s self-awareness and identify repetitive themes and patterns in client’s lives and relationships.  Dr Shroff believes that many of us develop patterns over the years, whether positive or negative, that become ingrained in us. In times of stress, worry, anger, or emotional turmoil, we repeat what is familiar and what feels safe – this can often lead to negative reactions and behaviour in our relationships and cause us to feel stuck.  Dr Shroff uses her expertise in psychodynamic therapy to help her clients’ identify important pieces of the puzzle in order to gain insight and create opportunities to facilitate lasting change in their lives.

Dr Shroff’s speciality areas are working with issues related to cultural identity, diversity, life transition issues and individuals who feel that some aspect of themselves or their relationships causes them distress, undermines the quality of their lives or leads them to feel as if they are not making progress in their personal lives and careers.  Dr Shroff also has expertise in working with Stress, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Psychotic Disorders.

Dr Shroff  is passionate about conducting corporate training and workshops for multinational corporations to raise  awareness and reduce the stigma around issues related to employee mental health.  She has assisted numerous organisations to address these issues more effectively and create psychologically healthy workplaces in order to reduce burnout and absenteeism.

Dr Shroff has been fortunate enough to be raised in Hong Kong, and work in both the United Kingdom and the USA, providing her with the invaluable experience of working within a diverse environment and amongst a variety of cultures.  She understands first hand what it feels like to be an immigrant and the challenges that come with moving to a new country.  It is her own experience of living abroad and moving to various countries that has helped crystallise her desire to work with multi-cultural populations by utilising depth therapy.

Dr Shroff provides individual and group supervision to counsellors, psychologists and other mental health professionals. Additionally, Dr Shroff is a regular contributor to several publications in Hong Kong and acted as an associate profession at City University of Hong Kong where she supervised and taught Doctoral Level Psychology students.  She is also a service provider providing pro-bono therapy and Medico-Legal Assessments to refugee and asylum seekers.

Dr Shroff is a registered member of the Division of Clinical psychology (DCP) of the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) and the American Psychological Association.

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