Happiness at Work

International Week of Happiness at Work is held from September 25th to 29th every year. At Central Minds, we believe that Happiness at Work should be on the list of top priorities of all organisations, big and small, local and global.

Happiness at work – definition & meaning

Happiness at work doesn’t mean that everybody has to be happy all the time. Happiness is not defined as a momentary emotional state like amusement or pleasure, but rather as an overarching quality of life that is rich in a variety of emotions, even including episodes of anger, sadness, and stress. 

We define happiness at work as feeling an overall sense of enjoyment at work; being able to gracefully handle setbacks; connecting amicably with colleagues, co-workers, clients, and customers; and knowing that your work matters to yourself, your organisation, and beyond.

With that definition in mind, happiness at work has been tied to just about every desirable outcome that individuals, workplaces, and organisations could hope for.

Research around happiness at work

Research shows that being happier at work is tied to: 

  1. Better health and well-being
  2. Increased creativity and effective problem solving
  3. Decreased stress levels
  4. Increased contributions and commitment
  5. Less employee turnover
  6. Lower healthcare costs
  7. Decreased absenteeism and presenteeism
  8. Greater shareholder value
  9. Increased productivity and engagement
  10. Greater return

What can your organisation do to improve happiness at work?

  1. Invite an expert to give a talk or workshop on mental health or wellbeing.
  2. Organise a discussion about what makes you happy at work.
  3. Talk to management about what they can do to make this a happier workplace.
  4. Start an initiative to give more positive feedback.
  5. Organise team building and social activities with your colleagues.
  6. Go out for lunch together, don’t eat at your desk.
  7. Encourage and support employee led initiatives and employee resource groups.
  8. Encourage taking time off and flexible working hours.
  9. Support innovation and creativity.
  10. Talk about your organisational culture and how you can make changes you desire.

Conclusion & the next steps

At Central Minds, we aim to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing and build a positive culture of support, empathy, and kindness within your organisation. We help your organisation create space to reflect and plan initiatives (small or big) related to mental health and wellbeing at work. We love supporting you in these initiatives – so get in touch if you would like to discuss your corporate wellbeing or mental health needs. 

Happy International Week of Happiness at Work!

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