How Much Do You Know About Your Partner?

Relationship counselling at Central MindsAsking your partner open-ended questions on a regular basis helps build a stronger friendship between the two of you by creating a space for you to learn about your partner’s internal world. Couples learn a wealth of information about each other during their first couple of months of being together. Do you remember that time? Re-create this with your partner and give your relationship an energy boost.

Take turns asking your partner these questions and LISTEN to what your partner has to say. Remember to be supportive and empathetic. Have fun!

  1. What were the highlights and low-lights of your adolescence?
  2. What goals do you have for our family?
  3. What things are missing in your life?
  4. How are you feeling now about being a mother/father?
  5. Tell me the story of your proudest moment in your childhood.

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About The Author

Lori Chau

Lori Chau, M.Couns is a relationship counsellor in Hong Kong and specialises in relationship issues for couples and individuals for improved quality of life. Her work includes: pre-marital counselling, marriage, long term relationships, work relationships, family interactions, friendships, separations, break ups and conflict resolutions.